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If you are registering a third party, please inform them that a confirmation mail will be sent to their email.
Registration can only be done with a credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX)
Initial charge will be made for the subscription cost + first month's rent.
Your Water Perfect System will be shipped next working day, please allow 3 to 5 days for it to arrive at your home.
Your credit card will be charged monthly. The punctual payment of your subsequent monthly payments includes the 5 stage (or 4 stage) replacement kit every 12 months (only pay for shipping).
If you had any problems with the water quality you receive at home and need the cartridges to be sent for exchange before the annuity, please request them to info@waterperfect.net with no additional cost, (only pay for shipping).
FREE WATER CLUB, once you have referred 5 New Members and are not delinquent, you will have Ultra-Pure, Mineral Alkaline, Hydrogen enriched, always fresh water at home, with yearly cartridge replacement included... for FREE (reimbursement check every 2 months)
You can cancel anytime, just disconnect your Water Perfect System and send back to Clarity Systems LLC Katy, TX.

Your Water Perfect ™ KIT includes:  
1 Filtration SystemFiltration, Advanced Filtration, Ultra Pure, Inhibitor.
2 Advanced FiltrationTourmalines (highly compressed ceramics) imported from Japan enrich water with 7 essential minerals as negative ions.
3 Ultra PurificationKortech Polysulfon membrane imported from Korea with semipermeable capacity allows water passage through its 0.01 micron pores eliminating bacteria, virus, cysts and fungus.
4 Antioxidant Alkaline WaterTourmalines (highly compressed ceramics) imported from Japan enrich water with 7 essential minerals as negative ions, accelerating hydration and encouraging the body┤s biochemistry.
+$10 +$0 
5 InhibitorThe world's finest Granular Activated Carbon Kuraray imported from Japan and certified by the NSF (National Safety Federation) eliminates VOC┤s, retains MTBE, absorbs tastes, odors, other organic matter and up to 300 different chemicals dissolved in water for achieving exceptional taste and a higher grade of purity.
SUBSCRIPTION (includes handling and shipping):  $ USD
Single payment: $ USD

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