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10 Good reasons to be a part of The Water Perfect Experience

As a member of The Water Perfect Experience you will save a lot of money compared to the expense you had when buying bottled water.

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Clarity Systems has more than 14 years of experience in treatment and purification of water for human consumption. More than 100,000 people at their homes, schools, universities, restaurants and businesses are hydrated every day with Clarity products.

With a professional team of specialized people in every area, from production and assembly to personalized attention for each client, we exceed our customers’ expectations.

Franz Riede, founder and CEO of Clarity Systems, is a german engineer with more than 25 years of experience in analytical chemistry, laboratory, hygiene, pollution, treatment and purification of water. For several years he has been fascinated with the subject "water and health" and all the benefits that drinking water with special characteristics has to your health.


In 5 years of research and development, we have been able to combine the best water treatment technologies and the highest quality materials from around the world, including materials from United States, Germany, Korea and Japan, into an alkaline water purifier that meets and exceeds all international purification standards while providing mineral alkaline, hydrogen rich water with a laboratory-certified antioxidant power - Clarity Water Perfect.


Water Perfect Alkaline Water Purifier has a regular price of $497 US dollars, but when you become a member of The Water Perfect Experience you only pay for shipping and handling $47 US dollars, plus a monthly fee of only $25 US dollars.

Your subscription includes your Water Perfect System shipped to your home. You can install it by yourself as installation is very easy using the included manual. If you prefer you can ask your trusted plumber to do it for you.

Once installed, you will enjoy water with supreme flavor, ultrapure, healthy, rich in electrolytes and antioxidants, in sufficiency and comfort while recovering your vitality and feel better than ever. Your monthly payment includes 4 purification stages plus a fifth cartridge, Alcalyt, that enriches water producing alkaline hydrogen antioxidant water, shipped to your home every 12 months, only pay for the shipping.


As a member of The Water Perfect Experience you will save a lot of money compared to the expense you had when buying bottled water. You will have purified water in sufficiency that you can use not only for drinking, but also to cook and wash your fruits and vegetables or any other needs.

Compared to the cost of buying alkaline water, you'll be saving a lot more because the gallon of Water Perfect alkaline, hydrogen rich water costs as little as 9 US cents.

Once you have recommended 5 new members you join the Free Water Club.


One thing is for sure, you will drink water all your life and it is very important that it has the best possible quality.

The health benefits are so many, that we will not be able to mention them all here. On the one hand, there are the benefits of alkaline water directly related to the medical effects Bohr and Haldane that explain how hemoglobin is able to transport more oxygen to the cells and remove acidic waste better, allowing better oxygenation and have more energy when you are on a alkaline diet.

The 7 selectively added minerals, are electrolytes that will hydrate you better and improve your performance while each of the minerals fulfills specific functions in your body.

The antioxidant power produced by magnesium, generating hydrogen rich water neutralizes free radicals and maintains the health of cells and optimal organ performance. Water Perfect water improves digestion avoiding acidity and constipation while supporting better sleep.


As a Member of The Water Perfect Experience, you don´t worry about anything.

Cartridges for replacement will be sent to your home on a yearly basis, or sooner if you require. Our patented Quick Change technology allows anybody, even a child, to change cartridges quick, easy and clean. Throw away the old cartridges guilt free as our plastics are recyclable.


Do you know that every day, worldwide, enough plastic bottles are produced, just to pack water, to fill the Empire State? Yes, every day. It is plastic waste that is polluting our fields and seas affecting the marine life of thousands of species.

When you are part of The Water Perfect Experience, you support environmental care. A System in an average household avoids the production of more than 1,000 plastic bottles per year. Also, purifying the water in your home avoids the pollution generated by thousands of delivery trucks.


Every time you have recommended Water Perfect with a new members we will send you a $50 US dollar check. If you do not want to share a healthier lifestyle and this incredible opportunity with them, surely another person will.
If you register 5 members every two weeks, that means we will send you a 500 dollars every month. You can register as many people as you like.

Additionally, you will build a residual residual income since each new member recommended by you will additionally pay you $5 dollars monthly as long as they are members.

If you personally sponsor 5 new members in less than 3 months, we will also pay you $2 US dollars every month for each new member registered by your members, plus $1 US dollar monthly for all your downline of recommended members down to 5 levels.
To receive these bonuses make sure to always keep your bank information current, keep punctual with your payments and sponsor a new member at least every 6 months.

Imagine someone you don’t even know, drinking water in Miami or Seattle or any part of North America, and making $1 US dollar every month from thousands of people drinking water everywhere.


We are so confident that you will love Water Perfect that if you are not satisfied, with all the advantages we are stating, you are backed by a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Just send back the system and we will send back the money.


Whenever you can, help.

Every time you use your Clarity Water Perfect, you are helping us bring clean water to people in marginalized areas.

Clarity Systems allocates 4% of Water Perfect's sales to Water Saves Lives for the construction of wells and water purification plants in third world countries so the most needy have access to this precious live saving liquid with the necessary quality for their health.

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