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Oxidation of Cells

Acidification of the body affecting the proper functioning of cells...


A diet based mainly on cereals, meats and fats might generate enough energy but will lead to an acidic body.

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When a body is in an acidic state, the blood carries less oxygen to the cells because of the limited ability of hemoglobin to absorb oxygen. Acidification of the body and blood limits biochemical exchange affecting nutrient delivery and collection of toxins, which negatively impacts the proper functioning of cells.

The cells die and cell regeneration is poor. Free radicals that oxidize our capillaries accumulate. Many cells begin to die more frequently. Dead cells become acidic waste which accumulates and can´t be collected properly by blood because of its impaired capacity. Organs begin to function poorly and aging accelerates.

Our skin loses elasticity, wrinkles appear, spots on the face, hands ... the picture is clear:  inside and out, the body is breaking down.
Cosmetic products simply treat the skin surface, but the destruction of the capillaries continues.

The origin of 90 % of diseases are caused by free radicals generated by the body due to the oxidation process. These radicals are aided by a stressful lifestyle, poor diet, lack of sleep, insufficient inputs of quality water and a polluted environment.

A diet based on fast food, precooked, bakery food, too much fat, too much meat and not enough fruit and vegetables accelerates the process of acidification of the body. The result is a weak immune system, unable to defend itself.

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