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Alkaline water in sport

Optimal prolonged hydration during physical activity...


Alkaline water purifies our body by eliminating the acid residues and toxins that contaminate us. It keeps our body healthy and balanced.

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Anyone who practices sports, whether amateur or professional in a serious training regimen knows about the importance of water and adequate hydration. Sports require an organism that works in to the best of its capabilities.
A fluid circulatory system, where the blood efficiently provides the necessary oxygen and nutrients that our muscles need to perform their best, is of critical importance for athletes

When our diet is not balanced, when we don’t drink enough quality water and when we don´t sleep enough, the body begins to accumulate waste and toxins generated by the food we consume. The blood becomes acidic and viscous.

Cell membranes in such an environment become more rigid, including red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for supplying oxygen to our tissues, and transporting carbon dioxide (CO2 ) to the lungs to be removed through the exhalation process.

If blood doesn´t flow properly because its viscosity and oxygen absorption is poor, lack of oxygen in our muscles and at cellular level affects this biochemical exchange, and there is an ineffective eviction of CO2. The result simply is that our body does not perform as it should.

In an acidic state, when we exercise and pass the aerobic threshold, our muscles burn glucose with an oxygen deficiency. This generates lactic acid, and muscles obtain only a sixth of energy. This causes muscle fatigue, creating muscular cramping.

In addition to performing an intense sporting activity long-term, such as marathon runners and cyclists, our body generates much more free radicals because we consume much more oxygen (2% of the oxygen we breathe turns into free radicals) and much more energy It´s generating acidic waste so it is important the optimal hydration with quality water containing essential minerals along with a good supply of antioxidants. Alkaline water antioxidant with a molecular structure of only 6 molecules (half the size of normal mineral water) arrives to all tissues in less than 10 minutes.

Antioxidant alkaline water has a molecular structure (clusters) of only 5 to 6 water molecules, unlike normal tap or bottled water which water clusters have up to 30 H2O molecules. For this reason the water is more liquid and reaches all tissues in less than 10 minutes. Alkaline water purifies our body by eliminating the acid residues and toxins that contaminate us. It keeps us healthy, balanced and prepared to face any physical challenge depending on the personal level of each person´s body and mind.
When bloods viscosity is high and oxygen absorption is not optimal, oxygenation at a cellular level is poor, and our CO2 exchange is ineffective.

The result is simply tiredness and a body that does not perform as it should.

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