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Alkaline Water, Natural or Artificial?

What you should know about artificial alkaline water?

Artificial alkaline water has a chemical composition that is significantly different from natural alkaline water.

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Artificial alkaline water not only does not exist in nature, but can cause harmful side effects and threaten your health.

What is the difference between natural mineral alkaline water and artificial alkaline water?

An alkaline pH in the water can come from natural or artificial causes. This means that when a type of water has a pH of 9.5 can be healthy or harmful, depending on the process how it became alkaline.

The water in nature has the proper pH level, slightly alkaline, thanks to the minerals that are in it. By drinking natural alkaline water, the body receives minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are important for the adequate body functioning.

Artificial alkaline water, has been created using electricity to split the molecule. This is not the water living species have been drinking for 65 million years.

The body is fooled to believe that the water is mineral rich, but as there are no minerals in the water, the body does not know what to do and reacts in a negative way.

Our main goal is to be healthy. Why would we drink or would we eat something artificial? For the company’s manufacturing ionizer machines, creating alkaline water in a natural way costs too much as these minerals have to be replaced constantly for enriching the water.

Since most people don't know the difference and don´t know if the water they are consuming is natural or artificial, these companies have been fooling the market.

What are the side effects of drinking artificial alkaline water?

As it is artificial, it is only able to neutralize acids where it has direct contact with them as in the stomach and small intestine.

As the body is fooled into believing that minerals are available, the lack of them causes side effects such as: hypertension, nervousness, anxiety, infections of the bladder and shooting pains. There are also several cases of people who have been hospitalized for heart diseases and malfunctioning.

Artificial alkaline water, does offer a greater hydration and greater amount of antioxidants, but tricks the body into believing the minerals are there and does not offer al the additional advantages.

These diseases disappear as soon as they stop drinking artificial alkaline water. Would you consume anything artificial when there are natural alternatives at a similar cost?

How well makes us drink alkaline water daily?

If you want to enjoy a good health, it is recommended to drink at least 900 ounces of natural alkaline water daily. Since the alkalinity is a result of minerals natural alkalinity the body, as calcium and magnesium, the body is able to use them completely.

If you are one of those who drink artificial alkaline water, it is recommended to measure the pH of your body and regulate the consumption.

Artificial alkaline water also known as ionized water, should not be used as water for daily consumption as it can cause alkalosis and damage your body.

Systems that create natural alkaline water.

In nature, the water flows through down the mountain forming streams and while passing collects alkaline minerals from the rocks. Also water that flows down on a gravel beds to collect natural alkaline minerals in the basin have a unique quality.

Systems that imitate this process and produce this kind of water are not only safe, but a great option to bottled mineral water. In addition they don´t use the electricity.

When you compare alkalization water systems, you will realize that systems that offer natural alkalization produce water that tastes better.

These systems create the healthiest water you can enjoy directly at home.
Water of unsurpassed quality with huge health benefits.

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